Needless to say, video capacity is one of the key goals of any forward-thinking business.

As consumers we spend so much time watching videos online, so it makes sense that as a business that is what our customers want to see most.

There are many ways to go about extending your video output – the most important thing is to just make sure you’re putting something out.

That’s why today we’ll take you through…

What Makes Video so Great?

I’m glad you asked! The answer is simple – we love watching things!

In the same way you couldn’t wait to see the rip-roaring new Kong or Oscar-magnetised La La Land, videos bring you attention and subsequent visitors, separating you from the crowd so you can show the world the personal touch that sets your product apart.

Here’s five sizzling reasons why you need to supercharge your video output, supported by some fantastic stats thanks to our friends over at Social Media Today.

  1. Video is Shareable and Suits Social

 Scroll down your newsfeed and what do you see? A plethora of images, yes, but images are child’s play now. The digital landscape cries out for more and you must answer that call.

Video is highly suited to social, the key channel for all modern marketing. Whenever users interact with or share your video, your network of potential customers grows exponentially.

Don’t worry about the ethereal “viral” tag that makes or breaks so many projects before they kick off. Produce a simple, short piece that shows the world who you are and what’s so great about you.

The power of social will do the rest.

  1. Consumers Spend Hours Watching Video

 When a new customer arrives on your site, what do they want?

Certainly not boring paragraphs of text (with the exception of this blog, of course!). Yes, they want decent writing, photography, design and all that, but what is it they really crave?

Video – and you’re damn well going to give it to them.

Consumers spend 88% longer on sites rigged with video, and video generates 3x as many monthly visitors to a site. In fact, a ludicrous 69% of global internet use is watching videos.

Now you’re beginning to see why a structured ecommerce video plan is essential to your business.

  1. SEO Loves Video too!

Observe how Google filters through its results and you’ll see even the damn robots are lusting after video.

That’s right – not only do products with videos incite in consumers a 46% increase in subsequent web searches, Google favours and even prioritises sites that use video.

You know the tab at the top of your search that offers Web, Image, News and more ways to filter down your search results? Well, if you have ensured that you have a video offering for your product then you’re going to be laughing.

82% of Google-served videos are YouTube links, so select this Google-owned company (cue conspiracy whispers) to host your gourmet video selection and you’re gong straight to the top, baby!

  1. Variety is the Spice of Video

Another great thing is the sheer openness of video, limited only by your creativity.

We can only bear to look at so many images of a product – what we want to see is it in use, in its environment, being tested and pushed. We want to see how it works, if we would use it and if it will make us look good.

Show people this and consider them sold – product videos increase chances of purchase by up to 85%!

Of the many ways to sdo this, here’s the best:

  • Product videos: Whether a behind-the-scenes look, a features showcase or how it’s made, these provide customers with a greater idea than the pixelated images that brought them to your page.
  • About Us: A fantastic opportunity to relay your personality, sum up what’s special about you and demonstrate why you way ahead of your competitors.
  • Review: Whether by your team, review sites or third-party users, reviews provide consumers with a greater understanding of the product from a user viewpoint.
  • Testimonials: Similar to reviews, testimonials are highly popular right now. Easy and social video sharing has raised the value of the everyman’s consumer opinion to an all-time high.
  • Promotions: A fantastically easy and powerful way to address your channels with exclusives that encourage purchasing and sharing.
  • Entertainment: Well, nobody likes a boring brand, hey? Go live and tackle current events (though don’t mess it up!), compile your bloopers or go all-out and create dramas, music videos and other stylistic experiments that can work so well. Aim high and your audience will grow along with your video output.
  1. Millennials Love Video

 Whatever your market, millennials will be taking up more and more of it as time continues to flow. 80% of millennial shoppers conduct their research online so it makes sense to address them in the format they love most.

Yup, these young guns are 145% more likely to watch videos than older generations, with 75% relying on testimonials when comparing products and 33% making a purchase on the basis of a product video they’ve watched.

They’re also a staggering 264% more likely to share product videos while shopping – even if they don’t want your product, they know 10 friends who might and will share it if the video’s slick!

The Vitality of Video

 So there we have it – five thunderous reasons that you probably already knew but may not have been acting upon!

Video is a fantastic tool, enabling any company to boost communication and interaction with customers. And it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dedicated video team.

Clipman’s artificially intelligent video creation platform offers efficient video production for all levels including a unique URL to video functionality: Simply enter a product page URL and transform it into a customisable video within a couple of clicks!

As always, we love to hear from you, so please do share your comments with us below.