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For Traffic-Driving “LIVE Adapting” Videos

That TURBO-CHARGE Your Sales,

Customers & Conversions


For Traffic-Driving “LIVE Adapting” Videos That TURBO-CHARGE Your Sales, Customers & Conversions With BLISTERING Speed!

For Traffic-Driving
“LIVE Adapting”
Your Sales,
Customers & Conversions

Clipman AI Edition is the result of taking the world’s BEST video ad software, tearing it apart, and redesigning it from the ground up...

Using $10 MILLIONS dollars’ worth of sales results
Case studies & feedback from 1000’s of clients
And the very LATEST artificial intelligence & machine learning technology to do ONE THING:


Exclusive Bonuses When You Get Clipman Now:

FULL Commercial Rights
Integrated eCommerce App
One-time secure payment, full money back guarantee
MAXIMIZE your video traffic & sales with Clipman’s blistering fast engine - 10X FASTER renders than average video apps, PLUS create unlimited videos AT THE SAME TIME
Save HOURS of time & frustration:
1st ever ‘LIVE ADAPTING preview’ in a cloud-based video software shows you EXACTLY what your videos look like … BEFORE rendering!
Save $1000s on designers & video editors: over 50 stunning templates built from the world’s MOST PROFITABLE video ads
Automate your video marketing: Clipman’s machine learning AI engine selects the OPTIMAL template for your project based on hard sales data from tens of thousands of profitable ads
Create top-converting videos for your entire product lineup in minutes - just enter any product URL (or web link) to have a stunning video created in seconds
Built-In Scaling: Clipman creates multiple versions of each of your videos, then syncs them to your FB Ads Manager … for hands-free A/B testing

THE Favorite Video Ad Software Of Over 14,000 Customers…
Endorsed By Leading Online Marketers

Mark Thompson CEO of DigitalKickstart

“At DigitalKickstart we use video ads to send traffic to our websites & offers but creating video ads has been the costly part. With Clipman we no longer have to spend money on video ad creation and the quality of the videos are second to none! Really great job & we highly recommend it to all digital marketers”

“Scroll-Stopping” Videos That Convert into SALES In Just 4 Steps…


Enter your niche to have Clipman suggest an optimized template… OR paste in any web URL


Customize your descriptions & CTAs… get a LIVE preview of how your finished video will look as you type!


Render in seconds, then let Clipman sync your video to your FB Ads Manager - including MULTIPLE variations for hands-free split testing

Step 4

PROFIT with stunning videos built to sell, and FB’s love of video that turns your ads into cold hard cash


Clipman Users Have Enjoyed Over $10 MILLION In Sales

Mohammed Sakim
My sales grew by at least 13%!

Clipman is a life changer, making videos ads was never that easy and efficient, my sales grew by at least 13% and my CPC decreased 3x after I started using Clipman.

Mohammed Sakim

Alexander Del Toro
20% more reach!

Clipman is an amazing tool. I now have 20% more reach for my ads.

Alexander Del Toro

Cost of ads dropped from $31 to $5!

Clipman is amazing. It has helped me a lot so far. My cost per purchase dropped 6x with Clipman ads from $31 to $5. I love this software!



Good to meet you - I'm Raul Kaevand

Raul is the founder of Clipman - the original video ad software that’s driven over $10m in sales for customers.

Clipman has been the go-to platform for generating sales from video for years… now we’re back to address the elephant in the room…


Most Video Software Is Built For FLASH
YOU Need Videos That Make CASH

You’re being bombarded with video tools claiming to be the next best thing to “animate this” or “engage that”.

But WITHOUT any proven stats or hard data that show how they increase sales.

You already KNOW videos need to capture attention & engage…
How about videos that turn that attention into SALES?


3 Problems
That Are SLASHING Your Video Profits

Problem #1

Your video income is being STRANGLED by HOW LONG it takes to render a single video.

When it takes hours to DAYS to have a single video rendered by traditional apps …
you’re leaving all kinds of money on the table.

Problem #2

BLIND customizations.

Most video apps force you into a ‘guessing game’ - where you enter your customizations blindly - then have to wait for it to RENDER before seeing the final results.

This leads to endless ‘back-and-forth’ edits and hours of wasted time.

Problem #3

Templates that are copied from a basic stock site.

2 amazing templates, 3 okay-ish templates and 50 that look like they’re from a
children’s coloring book… Sound familiar?

Thing is, EVERYONE selects the 2 best templates so you’re competing with 1000s of others with videos that look just like yours.


Turns Out,
Most Smart Marketers Want Videos That SELL

Do you want videos that impress your parents by looking cool?

Or videos that make you profits? Cause if THAT’S your goal, just focus on 3 things:


You want to make the MOST money possible, as FAST as possible, and in the EASIEST way possible, right?

That’s where Clipman: AI Edition comes in…

Imagine having UNLIMITED gorgeous videos sending FLOODS of targeted BUYERS from across the web and making money FOR YOU faster than ever, in just a few simple steps.

Without complex video editing software or spending a fortune on designers.
Without stressing over which template maximizes sales.
Without waiting hours or
even DAYS for our videos to render
Without BLINDLY editing templates and having to re-render from scratch when anything goes wrong
While most video software focuses on EVERYTHING besides making you money...

We went back to the drawing board with over $10-million dollars’ worth of hard sales data, case studies, and feedback from over 14,000 video marketers…

To build the ULTIMATE video platform that gives you an instant & UNFAIR advantage…

…with the power of smart machine-learning AI technology.





Clipman AI is for marketers serious about making ACTUAL sales & profits from video, easier & faster than ever before possible.
…with built-in AI technology that actually IMPROVES your results as you use it!
1st-To-Profit Technologies:
Render videos 10X faster than the industry average, create unlimited videos AT THE SAME TIME, see live preview updates as you customize… to launch your winning ads in minutes
Unheard Of Conversion Power:
Templates built from top-performing ads and based on hard sales data
Video Marketing SIMPLIFIED:
Let Clipman select the OPTIMAL template for each campaign, and sync your video direct to your FB Ads Manager (along with multiple versions for hands-free split-testing)
Seeing Is Believing: Watch Clipman Create Top-Converting Videos In SECONDS:
One-time secure payment, full money back guarantee

Why Clipman AI Edition Is The LAST Software You’ll Ever Need to PROFIT From Video


(World 1st tech in a cloud-based video app)

Watch your video preview update LIVE with each customization as you type.

You’ll NEVER waste time rendering just to see the final result…

Spend MORE time selling, and less time on video creation.

FORGET ‘hoping’ your video edits fit each template. See your edits in real-time… customize on-the-fly… then render ONCE.

No more revisions or re-rendering… just perfect videos on the very first try!


For Floods Of Traffic Faster Than Ever

Clipman’s video engine has been re-built from the ground up to pump out your marketing videos 10X faster than your average video app!

This firepower also lets you create MULTIPLE videos at the same time…

Meaning when YOU want to jump on a hot new niche or offer… You’ll ALWAYS be first-to-market and beat your competition to the customers.

Unique marketing videos in seconds and an ARMY of sales-generating videos for your product line-up or eCom store to bring in buyers from AROUND the web, direct to your offers.


Save Time & Money With ‘Conversion-Focused’ Video Templates


With over $10,000,000 in sales from Clipman videos, it’s no wonder these templates are certified selling machines.

But with Clipman AI Edition, we take it a step further.

The machine-learning technology baked into the software LEARNS which templates drive the most sales, based on your niche…

All thanks to MILLIONS of dollars worth of REAL sales data…

So Clipman literally TELLS you which template to use to make the most profits!

Every template, perfect specifications, modelled on winning strategies…

Here’s one we recently
ran for a client

Here’s one we recently ran for a client

Amount spent  € 1,285.00

Link clicks  3,298

Cost per purchase  € 7.65

Total Revenue  € 16,632.00

51% conversion rate from link clicks to add to cart


Besides SHOWING You How To Maximize Profits…
How Do Clipman Videos Perform So Well?

Well, without revealing too much of the secret formula, the Clipman research team has scoured the internet for the world's most profitable video ads.

The ones that GLUE your eyes to the screen, get millions of clicks,
and make you think "wow, I wish I could make a video like that".

They then re-purposed these top-converting ads into stunning templates,
ready for you to customize with the click of your mouse.

These templates are proven to do one thing, and one thing only:


Irresistible in every way with a full range for all niches - these aren't your run-of-the-mill templates. They’re reverse-engineered from the world's most profitable video ads, ready for YOUR offers.

We even added LONGER text fields that let you customize your descriptions and calls-to-action to maximize conversions with complete freedom.


Turbo Charge Your Business By Launching
MULTIPLE Videos At Once

Creating videos one-by-one ISN’T going to earn you fast profits.

Waiting for hours for video renders before you can start another campaign isn’t just frustrating… it’s costing you money.

Imagine an army of profitable videos pulling traffic from multiple platforms.

Powerful videos that stop prospects in their tracks and have them ready to buy once they see your offer.

That’s now possible thanks to the simultaneous rendering features inside


Publish Your Video Ads Directly To Facebook

From Inside Clipman

Save your time (and your sanity) by
taking the confusion
out of Facebook’s
Ad Manager and scale your business with ease!

Facebook’s Ad Manager is like a leech sucking away all of your time. Here’s how you take back control and maximize results.

Clipman’s user-friendly dashboard syncs DIRECTLY to your FB Ads Manager.

Just hit publish, and your perfectly formatted, targeted ads will be sent to Facebook for approval, including EVERY ONE of your A/B test variations.

Sync up with Facebook’s algorithm and leverage Facebook’s love of video then turn it into hard cash.


NOW… Profit-Driving Commercial Rights

Clipman’s included commercial rights are a match made in heaven for anyone making videos for clients.

Brand new AI tech, live-adapting previews, ultra-fast video renders and PROVEN to convert templates make video creation the most lucrative service in your line-up.

You won’t even have to browse the library wondering which template will produce RESULTS… Clipman will TELL you!

Clipman: AI Edition sells products using videos that look like a top design agency painstakingly built them by hand (…and you can PROFIT from them).

Create AND SELL video ads to clients, customers, local businesses, store owners and more:

WITHOUT spending hours trying different templates
WITHOUT being held back by rendering speeds
WITHOUT stressing and twiddling thumbs waiting for a video to finish rendering before editing the next
WITHOUT hoping that edits match the template

…But most importantly - ZERO REVISIONS

mean you spend LESS time to make MORE money!

…While keeping MORE clients coming back eager to pay for your proven results!

Video Is ONLY Getting Bigger…
& Expected To Grow 15X By 2022!

With 80% of ALL online consumer traffic coming from video ...
85% of consumers demanding MORE video content from brands ... And 64% of viewers BUYING after watching a product video ...

It’s no secret video is THE #1 way to sell ANYTHING…
And NOW it's YOUR turn to harness the power of video…

So How Are YOU Using Video To Kickstart Your Sales?

With outdated apps that cost you time & money?

Or the latest technology that unleashes higher profits
in less time with the power of Artificial Intelligence?


Ultimate, Top-Converting Sales Videos
From Start To Finish

Group 17
Step 1

Let the AI software CHOOSE the optimized template that maximizes your sales using machine-learning precision… OR have videos created from any URL

Group 17
Step 2

Make UNLIMITED customizations and watch your video preview ADAPT LIVE as you edit.

Group 17
Step 3

Hit render to have your video created with blazing-fast, industry-leading speeds.

Group 17
Step 4

SYNC your video directly to any social platform or create DOZENS of Facebook video ads at once.


Profit from proven-to-convert videos pulling in floods of buyers faster & easier than EVER before possible!

White Oval

… And if you use Shopify, we have something EXTRA special for you

Create eye-catching videos in seconds without ever leaving your store with the Clipman Shopify App

Instantly create killer videos for ANY products you list in your store, at the click of a button.

Create video campaigns to scale your top-performers, while boosting conversions of high-margin products.

Effortlessly launch a video catalogue of your ENTIRE product line.

Clipman AI INCLUDES The Shopify App When You Get Your License Today!

Right hanger

The Smarter Way to Make Videos

“Traditional” Video Platforms
Struggle to pick the right template from a selection of average videos
Squeeze your customizations into tiny fields - literally 2 words per screen - uggh
HOPE your edits look good inside the template
Wait 30 minutes to HOURS for your video to render
Realize the video doesn’t look good and start all over again
Re-render & download your video
Login to FB Ads Manager to upload your video ad
Wake up the next morning to 0 sales
Clipman: AI Edition World First
AI Tech FINDS the OPTIMIZED template for your campaigns from a huge range of WINNERS
Skyrocket conversions with LONGER text fields allowing for precise descriptions and calls-to-action
See how your video will look BEFORE rendering with the LIVE adapting previews
Save HOURS as your videos render with NEW lightning-fast speeds (10X faster than average video apps)
SKIP re-rendering completely
Sync your videos into DOZENS of FB ads from inside the dashboard for effortless split-testing
Make multiple videos at once to maximize traffic
Wake up to a stream of overnight sales
Blue Oval
Quickly Create Top-Converting Videos For Yourself…
AND Your Clients!

Powerful, Profitable Features
Waiting For You Inside:

New Lightning Fast Video Creation

The COMPLETELY new Clipman video creation engine renders videos 10X faster than the average video app!

Pump out MULTIPLE videos at the same time to take your traffic & sales results to the next level.

bg-grey loaders
Live Adapting Video Previews
(World 1st technology in a cloud-based app)

Watch your videos ADAPT in real-time as you make customizations.

See exactly how your final video will look BEFORE it’s even rendered!

Forget ‘hoping’ your video edits fit the template…
see your edits as you make them without having to render first!

Save time & frustration without EVER having to re-render again!

Freshly Packed “Globally Profitable” Templates

Behind over $10,000,000 in sales for our happy customers, these templates are certified selling machines.

How? Because we HATE testing!

So our research team spent over 12 months scouring the internet to find the world’s most profitable video ads… the ones driving the MOST traffic & sales.

We re-built these top-performers into stunning video templates - setting you up for sales the moment you log in.

Just plug in your details and watch a high-converting video pull in traffic & sales for you.

These templates are proven to do one thing, and one thing only: SELL YOUR PRODUCTS.


A huge issue for video marketers is being limited to just 2 words per text field.

How do you sell with 2 words???

Your Clipman templates give you LONGER text fields so you have the space to SELL with video!

Create DOZENS Of Videos At Once

Launch an army of videos working as your own sales team pulling in buyers from all angles…

PLUS sync those videos into MULTIPLE Facebook video ads from right inside your Clipman dashboard!

Sync Profitable Videos DIRECTLY Into FB Ads

Eliminate the confusion of the FB Ads Manager with our intuitive video ad syncing system to effortlessly publish your videos into traffic-pulling ads.

Create Videos From ANY Web Link Automatically

How many products do you have?

Just paste your product page links (…or any web link) into Clipman, and watch the AI engine turn them into high-converting videos in seconds.

With the new LIGHTNING fast rendering speeds, you’ll have STUNNING video ads for all your products in minutes.

Commercial Rights Included

Create and sell videos to clients with no strings attached.

Charge clients per video, or charge a monthly retainer for your services.

…and never pay us a penny.

Full agency rights included.

  App Included

If you own a Shopify store, enjoy launching video ads with one click without ever leaving your store.

Click a button next to your product and watch and Clipman AI compiles a sales-optimized video in minutes…


If ‘Video’ Is So Great…
Why Isn’t It Working For You?

Many have fallen for ‘flashy’ software that focus on special effects over sales.

If that’s you… it’s not your fault.

But the good news?

With one small change, you too can be creating killer ads in seconds that ACTUALLY CONVERT, just like these guys:

Corrine C
Double the CTR and OVER 50% more sales vs regular ads

I’m getting higher CTRs and ROAS from video ads as compared to photo ads on Facebook. For example, using the same images for a clipman video and a regular photo post, the video got a CTR of 1.5% whereas the photo got a CTR of 0.8%... and the Return on ad spend for the video ad was 2.75 while the photo was 1.22. That’s twice the amount of sales compared to the photo post.

Corrine C

Hugh Burns
It’s a revelation!

I am a 67 year old pensioner and I have always had a great fear about modern technology that was until I came across Clipman and it was amazing.  It was very understandable and easy to use, it was a revelation to me . I credit Clipman for achieving something that I never thought would happen and that is Clipman successfully brought me into the modern world.

Hugh Burns

Robert Maradino
Reduced overheads by $1000/month and cut ad costs by 50%!

Since using Clipman, I’ve saved over $1,000 a month on hiring someone else to do our company’s videos. Instead, I can create professional videos myself with no video experience. Best of all, I’ve cut my Cost Per Purchase in half. Thanks Clipman!

Robert Maradino

Clipman tripled my conversions!

Before Clipman, I was spending a ton of money on image ads.  When I started using Clipman, I am able to launch many campaigns and save a ton on cost per click.  My conversion rate has tripled!


Ritesh Agrawal
Creates multiple ads in one minute and 3X’d my ROI!

Clipman has saved my 100s of hours and dollars in my eCom journey. It takes me a minute literally to create multiple videos ads for launching my products and has increased my ROAS by 3.5 times.

Ritesh Agrawal

Jeff Shapiro
Vasilis Apostolou
Jimmy Kim
Miriam Y. Tabb
J. Gaynor Green
Tzitzinos Tsanousas
James Ong
Abdullah Mohammed

Sure, You Could Stick With The “OLD” Way But...

…the cost to put just a couple of high converting video ads together is RIDICULOUS…

We’re talking hundreds and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars plucked right out of your pocket… before you even have an opportunity to test if the ads actually work.

“But can’t I use some other video editing software?”

Sure, that CAN work if you’re prepared to spend hundreds of hours navigating complex video editing software. Then spend MORE time each time you want to reproduce an ad for a new campaign.

“What about using other video tools I already have?”

If you’re ok settling for blind edits, slow rendering & cookie-cutter templates…

Not to mention limited text fields, manual downloads & uploads…

Outdated video apps CAN work if you’ve got the time, patience & technical skills needed.

...But why waste your time when you can test out Clipman with no financial risk at all.

Green Oval

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Badge
In the highly unlikely event you don’t feel Clipman is for you, just let us know within 14 days of purchasing Clipman and we’ll happily refund 100% of your money - no questions asked.
Just email us at [email protected] and our friendly support team will be happy to send you your full refund within the first 14 days. You can pick up Clipman and test it out without any financial risk at all.
Make 2020 YOUR Best Year By Using Videos-That-Sell With Clipman!

Automate Your Video Marketing and Profit From The Fastest, Most Profitable and Easiest Platform For Just …
Yes, that includes the blistering fast rendering engine, all the AI features, the breathtakingly profitable templates, the LIVE ADAPTING video previews…
Plus you’re getting these two huge launch-only bonuses added to your account!
So now that you have nothing to lose & EVERYTHING to gain take advantage of this special offer before the launch special deal closes…
You get the very BEST Templates from our own million dollar ad campaigns...
One-time secure payment, full money back guarantee


Are there limits on how many videos I can make?

No - You can make unlimited videos. There are also no watermarks so you can use your own logo, branding, colors and text for every video. All videos are Full HD, so you’re not limited by quality either. I guess we should call it Clipman Unlimited.

What if I own Clipman v1 or v2?

This is a completely NEW version of the Clipman software and requires its own license. Rest-assured, your existing versions will continue to be updated for optimal performance.

However the AI Edition package including the AI features, blistering rendering speeds, FULL agency rights, LIVE ADAPTING videos, LONGER text fields and fresh profitable templates are exclusive to this new offer.

Does Clipman: AI Edition work on a Mac?

Yes it does! Clipman works not just on your Mac, but on your smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation and your Chromebook too. That’s because Clipman lives in the cloud, on our high-grade secure servers, which means all you need to do is connect to a web-browser.

Is there a refund policy?

Of course – if you’re not happy with Clipman: AI Edition, we don’t want your money. Just let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund your full investment - no questions asked.

How long do videos take to render?

It depends on how many people are using our servers at the time (especially during launch week), but they’re usually done in anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.  

How much will Clipman be after the launch?

We are raising the price every day throughout the launch. So right now is the best time to get inside.

What about support & updates?

You’re covered with a full-time support team that’s on hand to answer and RESOLVE any questions you have. You can contact us anytime here: [email protected]

Clipman has been around for years with the best reputation you can hope for. Not only have we serviced 14,000 customers and helped them generate over $10m in sales with our templates – but we even re-built everything from scratch to IMPROVE on that.