So your store’s up and running and you’ve ticked all the boxes – you’ve got sharp copy, detailed product descriptions and zoomable images, opt-in boxes and all those other features… so now what?

Simple – let’s unlock your store’s true potential and get that video output rolling!

There’s a reason that a whopping 64% of all internet traffic these days is video buffering.

We can’t get enough of the stuff. Pictures… that move… I’m sold!

What Makes A Good Video?

Now that more and more companies are getting the hang of pairing video releases alongside all of their news, products and features, the absolute minimum that you should do with your video is show your product in use and display ownership benefits.

Once you’re doing that, make sure that you tell a story. After all, if a picture paints a thousand words, imagine how many words a video conveys! There’s no surprise that consumers enjoy spending 88% longer on pages with video.

Next, make sure you overcome objections that may be posed by sceptics or by competitors. Right, now we’re gunning with the big boys.

To end things on a high, let’s include social proof to really stamp out those objections and make sure your call to action is so loud that your viewers can’t help but be rocked by your awesomeness.

Achieve all these things and your video will go far, my friend.

Now, what type of video should we equip with all these elements? We’re glad you asked.

  1. About Us Video

This is a great place to start – it’s the equivalent of a circus master standing atop a stage and shouting “Roll up, roll up!”

Consumers near and far, new and known – all their eyes are on you. It’s your moment, so let’s do it right. Of the 19 hours of online video consumers watch per month, let’s make sure 2 minutes is allocated to your introductory clip!

Keep it simple, keep it humble.

Explain who you are, what your company does and, most importantly, what makes you different.

Tell them the story behind your brand and share your values – sit back and bask in the fact that you’re not only personalising your brand but ensuring that, equipped with video, your site generates 3x as many monthly visitors!

  1. Product Videos

 These are a great way to provide customers with a better sense of the product than they already have. They see how it should work in their mind, but let’s show them how it really works.

Product videos can increase chances of purchase by up to 85% so it’s well worth doing. Millennials alone are 33% making a purchase on the basis of a product video, as well as 264% more likely to share product videos while shopping.

These can take the form of a Features Showcase or a How It’s Made type video with behind-the-scenes manufacturing footage.

 60% of consumers spend at least 2 minutes watching a product video so be inventive, inject a little passion and watch those purchases roll in.

  1. Reviews and Testimonials

Boy, do we love to tell people what we think. That’s nothing new of course, but the whole thing’s been blown sky-high by the internet. Now every guy and gal has the opportunity to address a global audience.

Some people cultivate a viewership of millions via vlogs while others prefer to stealthily review restaurants under a private name – whoever they are, make sure they get wind of your product.

Shoppers who view these videos are 174% more likely to make a purchase so it’s really important to get your product out there. Even if it doesn’t bring in a purchase, it will bring in shares and further site traffic.

  1. Promotional Videos

Especially valid in this social media age, these videos are a fantastically simple and engaging way to interact with new and existing customers and share deals they’d never otherwise find.

By promoting deals via your social channels, you encourage both purchases and the sharing of your videos. That’s right – the youngest generations are 264% more likely to share a product video when shopping themselves.

33% of millennials make a purchase after watching a video so when you consider how often these youngbloods spend on social media, you’d be a fool not to be constantly pushing out this format!

Videos that resonate well with viewers can achieve a snowballing effect, growing increasingly popular and becoming viral.

Yes, that irresistible, seemingly unobtainable viral status can become very much attainable – all it takes is a little pizzazz and social know-how. Stick with us, we’ll take you far.

  1. The “Personal Touch” Videos

Now, these are an evolution of the About Us videos we were talking about earlier. If that was Chapter 1, these are the middle of your book. They’re even simpler to put out, too – you already have your consumer’s attention, so let your personality run free.

Try out a Why Buy From Us? video that enforces why you are different from your competitors, or a Thank you! videos that come after your consumer has signed up for your newsletters, added you on social media or made a purchase.

Just let them know what’s so special about your opt-ins, how long shipping will take, and what other exclusives they can look forward to. A little care goes a long way, and is especially well conveyed in video form!

That’s a Wrap!

All in all, it’s vital that you push your video output, especially with mobile becoming the primary device for online shopping.

When you’re on your mobile, you don’t want to be zooming in and out, reading text. You want video, bright and clear.

50% of mobile shoppers watch videos on a site before confirming their purchase and mobile viewers are 1.2x more likely to think highly of companies offering product videos, so give the people what they want!

Need help with your video? Clipman’s innovative video automation software offers a full range of service, so even those new to video can create scintillating, high-quality clips in a couple of clicks.

What other types of video should we have covered? How have these types of video helped your site reach new heights? We love to hear your thoughts so let us know in the comments below!