Who do you dial when you need product videos to take your e-commerce marketing to the next level?


Who do you visit when you don’t have hours or days to spend making just one product video?


Who do you rely on when your maketing budget is stretched and you need to produce more videos for less?


Who do you call when your product video has a girl with dark hair crawling out of your TV screen?


Clipman is founded by Raul and Peep, two best friends who built their own marketing agency, developed a successful app (sideplayer.com), and who are now bringing Clipman to the world. Raul and Peep have scoured the world assembling a global team to maximize the potential of Clipman.

Coming from the marketing world, Raul and Peep saw first-hand how effective video marketing was becoming. But the production was expensive and slow, limiting the return on investment.

There needed to be a shortcut. A quicker way for e-commerce stores to quickly and easily produce slick product videos. Clipman IS the shortcut.

With Clipman, in a few clicks and a couple minutes a business can have a product video ready to use as part of an online marketing strategy.

If that sounds suspiciously easy, don’t take our word for it. Sign up for a trial and see for yourself.


  • Help e-commerce businesses create affordable, quality product videos in minutes.
  • Provide insights so businesses can take their marketing game to the next level.
  • Listen to our clients’ needs so that we can keep improving Clipman’s capabilities.
  • Do serious business while having serious fun.